'Come Home' by Two Sheds

The visuals I chose to represent this song were inspired by a surplus electronic supply store in Los Angeles. The tiny, clay and wire resistors mingling on the dirt floor reminded me of insects. I grabbed a few handfuls, spent about five dollars, and took to animating them on a light box I procured from my chiropractor mom’s x-ray room. I shot the whole video at only 12 frames a second, but some of the shots took me well over five minutes to set up. The three minute song required 2,515 individual photographs, not including a few painstaking reshoots caused by the adoption of a particularly rambunctious kitten that has an affinity for feathers and vintage amp tubes hanging from fishing line. Almost all of the effects in the video were done organically during the shoot with flashlights, dimmer switches, and sparklers.

Photo Gallery